CFL Recycling in Michigan

Michigan Energy Options championed the Change a Light, Change Michigan program beginning in 2006, which has prompted thousands of Michigan residents to replace old incandescent light bulbs with new energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs).

Although CFLs are a great solution for energy conservation, they contain small amounts of mercury. To protect public health, a better disposal option than throwing away a CFL is to recycle it, which will help keep the mercury out of the environment.

Why be concerned about mercury?

When CFLs get thrown away, mercury is released into the environment, starting the cycle of methyl mercury creation. Humans can be exposed to mercury in occupational, accidental or environmental settings. The primary exposure to methyl mercury comes from eating contaminated fish.

Methyl mercury exposure has been linked to birth defects as well as impaired brain and nervous system development. Additionally, it is especially harmful to small children.

Besides mercury, CFLs also contain glass, metals, and plastics.  The recycling company Michigan Energy Options selected to process dead CFLs, recycles 100% of the bulb, leaving nothing to go to the landfill.

How can you help? 

Dispose of your CFLs at a participating recycling location!