Vermicomposting 101

Composting using earthworms or “vermicomposting” (vermi = worm in Latin) is a fast and easy way to create nutrient rich compost for both indoor plants and outdoor gardens. 

Vermicomposting is a year-round alternative to using an outdoor compost bin or pile that can freeze or greatly slow down during the winter months.  Red worms, also known as red wigglers (Eisenia fetida) are the most suited earthworm for the job as they live well in a contained space, and eat from the bottom up.  These worms can eat a lot of garbage! They eat half of their weight in food every day!  This keeps trash out of the landfill and money in our pockets.  The best part is, red worms are very easy to take care of.  They will work through the winter to eat household food waste in an enclosed container or “worm bin” that is kept indoors in an out-of-the-way spot. The container can range in complexity from a simple plastic storage container with holes drilled in it to a well-built wooden structure that doubles a coffee table or window seat!

Michigan Energy Options uses worms to take care of un-cooked food scraps like apple cores, orange peels and vegetable trimmings, even our coffee grounds. Our red wigglers happily munch away on the food scraps and turn it into castings or worm manure.  Compost is created when castings are sifted and dried, and can be applied to plants to keep them strong and healthy… for free!

Composting also helps reduce the amount of trash our organization puts curbside, helping our city save energy and money on the transportation of waste.

A participant of our worm composting classes putting worms in her bin



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